Alec Moore

Fighting Stereotypes Against Social Media

As a bystander, someone who is on the outside looking in, it is easy to write off the power and appeal of social media. Despite only using social media for fun in the beginning, Alec soon was not one of those people.

After seeing the potential that social media has, Alec decided to attempt to pursue it as a career back in 2019. Disregarding those who would say that a career in social media is a pipe dream, Alec succeeded. He uses his platforms on social media to create a positive atmosphere for those who are looking for one. He also encourages his fanbase to be there for one another when he may not be able to. Alec’s goals for social media are to “make a change, create positivity in the world, and to make people smile.”

On Tiktok, Alec dances and shares his own rendition of the current trends. His videos have amassed up to 15 million likes on the platform. Alec isn’t just known for his videos; his popularity follows his presence on Instagram, too. We asked Alec what his favorite part of FinesseWear is. He answered, “My favorite thing about FinesseWear is their inclusivity”

Alec on TikTok

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Last Updated June 2021

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