Caleb Gramm

The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media

Caleb joined the formidable world of social media in 2018. After realizing that the power of social media could be used to touch people’s lives, Caleb decided that he fancied a piece of that influence.

Power and influence are double-edged swords, but they are neither good nor bad. It is the person who wields them that decides how the tides will turn. In Caleb’s case, he uses his platform to support others. He likes to use his energy to uplift people and cause as many smiles as he can. His goals as an influencer are to simply create positivity and a space where everyone feels welcome. “I love each and every one of my supporters and want nothing more than to bring a smile or laugh to their day! I always want to be the person that young people can look up to!”

Caleb respects that FinesseWear “welcomes everyone with open arms and inspires people to chase their dreams. Not only are their clothes amazing, but the message they are sending out is, too.”

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different type of beat (ib: @freddiehorne_ )

♬ original sound - ava

idk how my lights did that at the beginning

♬ His and Hers by Internet Money - KARA

how i feel about summer being here

♬ Brooklyn bloodpop - Aleyda Garcia

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Last Updated June 2021

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