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TikTok has become one of the largest social media platforms to date. Millions of people use the app daily just to scroll aimlessly, laugh, pass time, find recipes, look at DIY crafts, or discover their newfound obsession. Dev started his journey by posting scenario-type videos on the platform back in 2019.

To date, these videos have amassed up to 15 million likes. Like most of us who use social media for fun, Dev did not expect his accounts to gain the traction that they have. Unlike those who consider social media a full-time job, Dev balances his social media life with doing HVAC.

Although Tiktok was the start of Dev’s social media presence, the popularity translates over to his Instagram as well. We asked Dev what his favorite thing about FinesseWear is. He answered, “My favorite things about FinesseWear are the bold and vibrant colors that they use, in comparison to many other “minimal” brands.”

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Last Updated June 2021

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