Etienne Najman

Balancing Social Media and Reality

Social media is a funny place to exist. Some people will post aesthetic sky photos when the sun has just set. Others will comment on their favorite band’s Instagrams, a few make videos critiquing their favorite meals, and some use the many apps that exist to keep up with their friends’ lives. That is just what Etienne was doing before joining TikTok in September of 2019. September was the middle of Etienne’s junior year of college, so the precarious balance of social media and studies was a choice he had to make quickly.

Etienne has now graduated college and has a full-time job in Chicago, Illinois, so the game of balance hasn’t quite ended for him. Although he plans to continue to create content for social media, it is not his primary focus. In Etienne’s opinion, “social media has become so toxic with cancel culture and the ability to hide behind a screen.” With this said, Etienne uses his platform to create a positive atmosphere and a place where the vibes of his accounts are carefree and welcoming.

When faced with the label “influencer”, Etienne said, “When I first started to gain a following I contemplated the definition of “influencer”. I didn’t know if the title was achieved by attaining a certain number of followers or if notability was a more dominant factor. I’ve concluded that it has to do with a little bit of both. The larger the following, the more people will know and look up to you.”

Being social is not a foreign concept to Etienne and TikTok became a place for him to display his personality. He does not take his following for granted and is excited to see what content he can create in the future. For Etienne, the word “finesse'' directly correlates with the beauty of being unique. He appreciates the inclusivity that FinesseWear stands for, especially for POCs, plus-size, and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Last Updated June 2021

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