Lexi Smith

Finding Happiness Alongside TikTok

Summer of 2019 wasn’t only filled with beach trips, sunscreen, and the heat of the sun. For Lexi, summer was when she joined the massive world of TikTok. She always had an interest in social media and decided TikTok was a place to have a bit of fun and create content.

If even one person can draw joy from her videos, that is Lexi’s aim with TikTok. She strives to put a smile on people’s faces and make whoever’s day that she can. Social media draws people together in more ways than not. One person in Australia may be laughing at the same video someone in Ireland is. If that video happens to be one of Lexi’s, then her job is done. When asked if she has anything to say to her followers, Lexi said, “Knowing that I can cheer someone up, even a little bit, makes my day. I am so thankful for everyone who has stuck with me.”

This talk of cheering others up makes you wonder what causes Lexi’s own happiness. One thing that may cause that for Lexi is FinesseWear’s clothing vibe. It may not be avante-garde, but the clothing is casual and chic enough to wear every day.

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Last Updated June 2021

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