Documenting with an Artistic Twist

Will started their journey on social media in 2016 when TikTok didn’t exist and Musical.ly reigned all. Joining social media was a no-brainer since Will has always had a passion for making videos, documenting moments, and spinning stories with their own artistic twist.

Social media became an outlet to share their creations with those who want to see. While there isn’t a specific community Will devotes their platform to, they use it to stand up for what they believe in, to share their knowledge on current issues, and to call those out who need it. Will says that they welcome those with kindness in their hearts to follow what they coined their page as, a “safe space”.

When faced with the title “influencer”, Will said, “Having a platform comes with responsibility, but I've never thought of myself as an influencer. I am merely someone who is passionate about creating content and is lucky enough to have thousands of people to share said content with. I do my best to make sure the people who support me feel appreciated. I try to make content that leaves them feeling happy and uplifted.” Will has been following FinesseWear’s journey since the beginning as they continue on their own. They appreciate that, regardless of FW’s growth, the brand hasn’t strayed from their original values.

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Last Updated June 2021

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