About Us

FinesseWear is a California based company that specializes in clothing and jewelry. We make trendy, affordable clothing for everyone. We are inclusive with our diverse sizes, styles, and customer feedback. We give anyone, regardless of race, weight, height, gender, and sexual preference a chance to be featured on our page. We want POCs, plus-size, and members of the LGBTQ+ community to have equal representation that some companies might not provide. With that said, take your chance with a simple DM to our official Instagram @finessewearco. We feature real customers with real feedback and realistic images. Everyday people can choose from our selection of clothing and necklaces while being on the lookout for new products. FinesseWear prides itself on constantly updating our inventory and keeping up with the new and innovative styles.

Our Mission

There is more to FinesseWear in the name. You could look at any business and claim their only mission is selling products. In truth, our company wants to spread the message of dedication, determination, and dreams. FinesseWear believes that if you want to succeed, finessing is where it's at. The definition of finesse speaks to workmanship with skill and personality. We like to apply that to, not just the business, but in life. We encourage you to as well. Dream big, manifest, live with no boundaries, and most importantly, finesse.

Our Beginning

Founded in 2020, FinesseWear came from two minds with a dream for a creative, inclusive outlet. Nicholas Jackson and Riley Henry wanted a place to release their fresh, new ideas freely and set to a new beginning. At the start, the two only had the comfort of their homes and no clue how to set their ideas into motion. Enlisting the help of their close friends, the power of social media, and perseverance, the two launched their brand online. They began making thousands of necklaces by hand, packaging each order individually, and designing their clothes with a single app at their disposal. With that foundation behind them, they now have a designated manufacturer, business managers, a marketing team, design team, social media mangers, product development team and the list goes on. We are sharing this story as an example to our customers. This furthers our belief that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Keep in mind that this is our beginning and not the end. Come along with us on our journey to see what happens next.



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"Dream big, manifest, live with no boundaries, and most importantly, finesse."