Meet Finn The Bear

Hello, everyone! My name is Finn. I’m a very important asset to FinesseWear as I am the highly esteemed mascot for the brand. I am a leo and I like long walks on the beach. I’d like to tell you my birthday, but I’m afraid that it’s top secret. By that, I mean that I actually don’t want to tell anyone because it’s quite amusing for people to guess. I’m most likely the most stylish bear you’ll ever meet. I met a bear once who liked to wear flip flops. He didn’t seem to understand the words “high fashion” or “casual chic”, but what can you expect from someone who filled his brain with honey? Personally, I like the classy, streetwear jewelry FinesseWear reps. The minimalist chain from our line is one of my staple pieces.

Unlike other bears that spend time running in the woods, I spend my time running FinesseWear. Nick, the CEO, says I could “spend less time preening in the mirror and more time packing orders”.  I like to use the words “supervising” and “being helpful” instead. If it weren’t for me, none of the products would exist. I’m the who designs the jewelry after all. Nick once said we had too many bear designs and that was a betrayal I almost couldn’t forgive. Our gummy bear necklaces are couture after all. He made it up to me by letting me add a few more bear designs, so be sure to check out my teddy collection! 

Before I go, I’m going to leave you all with my favorite FinesseWear products so you all can be as cool as me! 

Have a fur-tastic day and stay stylish! 

Minimalist Chain

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this is perfect for when i layer my necklaces