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Become a FinesseWear Model

(Invite only)

Pick your favorites

You can order whatever you like! There is no limit. We will give you an exclusive discount code to help you get started!

Post your photos

Tag us in all of your posts, we can't wait to see them! We will repost all of your photos or videos on all of our official pages!

Receive benefits!

What do we offer?

We repost all of your photos on all of our pages to help you grow on social media!

We will use your photos on our Instagram page, Tiktok, website, emails, ads, and more!

We will send you FREE FinesseWear products!

You can be added to the FinesseWear PR list!

All you have to do is wear our products and we will do the rest. Welcome to the Finesse Club!

Become a FinesseWear Model!

Tips on getting free packages:

Make sure to tag us in all of your posts! Use @finessewearco on Instagram and Tiktok. You can also DM us your photos!

Be creative with your photos!

Keep posting! The more you post, the more you'll stand out to the team. That also means we can post you more!

Make sure your posts are taken with clear lighting!




Do I have to place my first order?

Yes. We require our new models to place their first order to get started! We offer you an exclusive discount code to help you get started!

Is my first order free?

Your first order isn't 100% free. We will provide you with up to 85% off your first purchase to start modeling!

How much does my code take off?

Your exclusive modeling discount saves you up to 85%!

Is there an age limit?

Nope! We do not have an age limit as long as you have permission!


Do I have to pay shipping?

It depends on your order. We have small shipping fees, however an order over $50 will get you FREE shipping!

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we do! We offer International shipping no matter where you are. Take advantage!

How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 1-3 weeks. This can be extended sometimes, based on stock and pre-orders.

How do I get free stuff/PR?

How do I qualify for free products?

Easy! All you have to do is tag us in your posts wearing our products. Our team reviews posts daily to ensure we see them! Be creative! Good/clear photos will get you free items. No need for a professional photographer, your phone will do! As long as you keep posting, we will keep sending you gifts. There is no limit!

Will I know if I'm being sent free products?

Yes! Since all of our modeling is handled through our Instagram, we will send you a DM if we're going to send you a free package!

Do I get to pick my free products?

Yes! You can pick out which free items you want us to send to you. Sometimes we will send you new & unreleased products too!

Do I have to pay shipping on my free products?

Nope! Your packages will be completely free. Shipping on us!

Become a FinesseWear Model!

"I absolutely LOVE being a FinesseWear model!"

Sarah C.

2 JUN 2021, 12:21

"I got picked to be a model and to be honest I didn't think it was real. I ended up trying it and I love it! As long as you post good photos in their products they send you free stuff to rep the brand!"

Anniyah P.

15 MAR 2021, 2:23

"I love modeling for FinesseWear! FinesseWear is such an amazing brand and the team is so nice and easy to work with. I've been modeling for almost 6 months now!"

Jasmine M.

24 APR 2021 4:42